Spearwater is proud to announce our partnership with Immuniweb. Immuniweb is at the forefront of AI powered Cyber Security, providing next-generation Penetration Testing, this is absolutely fantastic for Spearwater customers as we can now offer the service of unending 24/7 pen-testing for our clients on their websites, web apps and pretty much anything else. Regardless of wether you use Spearwater for hosting or not.

We will be providing 4 main products:

  1. Spearwater Discovery; Dark Web Attack & Surface Monitoring
  2. Spearwater On-Demand; Next Generation Web Penetration Testing
  3. Spearwater Mobile Suite; Mobile Penetration Testing
  4. Spearwater Continuous; 24/7 Continuous Penetration Testing

We provide all of the above new products at competitive, market-changing prices.

We can’t wait to see where this partnership can take both organisations!

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